Name:             G20 2014

Where:            Brisbane, Australia

When:             November 2014

The Group of Twenty (G20) meeting for its members’ international economic cooperation and decision-making. Its membership comprises 19 countries plus the European Union. Each G20 president invites several guest countries each year.

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Working in partnership with Centium Software and Thales Australia, the Touchpoint Team helped deliver the end to end accreditation solution for the Australian G20 host year.

Solution At a Glance

Touchpoint delivered four major specialised components for the G20 2014 Taskforce during a 12 month integration and onsite implant:

  • Create and implement business workflows to support the accreditation system
  • Introduce best-practice processes for workforce accreditation, credential production and onsite accreditation delivery
  • Experienced quality assurance and ongoing auditing of the accreditation data
  • Onsite operational and logistics planning for the lead-up meetings and Leaders’ Summit.

The Details

A Touchpoint team of 15 was integrated into the G20 Taskforce for over 12 months.  Some of the detailed outcomes that Touchpoint provided the G20 Taskforce included:

Engagement with designated accreditation offices at the outset of the registration process:
We provided guidance on timelines, communication content and engagement strategy.

Event database management
G20 included more than fifty lead-up events to the main Leaders’ Summit. Our role included establishing a set of best practice data management procedures including

  • Registration data verification and quality assurance
  • Engagement with each of the stakeholders involved in accreditation background check process and management of the secure transfer of data back and forth for over 30,000 accreditation applications.
  • Accreditation requirement tracking
  • Ongoing accreditation status monitoring and management.

Workforce accreditation:
One of the most labour intensive and complex tasks for any world event is the accreditation of a large and varied workforce. Touchpoint worked closley with the G20 2014 Taskforce to establish operational procedures and guidelines to ensure that workforce accreditation workshops ran as efficiently as possible.

Credential production and onsite operations:
Touchpoint was intimately involved in the credential production and onsite distribution process at G20. Our services included:

  • Production and distribution of 29,000 accreditation passes for international delegations, media, security and workforce.
  • Assistance and advice with onsite accreditation desk set-up including layout, procedures and equipment deployment.
  • Development of onsite accreditation policy and procedures for:
  1. Pass distribution
  2. New onsite accreditations across all categories
  3. Cancellations onsite
  4. RFID Troubleshooting
  5. Loss of credentials/reprints
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