All events should be accessible and inclusive to all attendees, with event organisers planning and executing their events with access in mind. The level and type of access initiatives you should deliver will depend on the requirements of your attendees, which you can easily obtain during your pre-registration process or consultation.

Touchpoint have experience in advising and delivering access for events for people with disability including physical, sensory and intellectual impairment.

The below checklist is an example of the range of access requirements you can incorporate into your event planning, depending on the needs of your attendees. For a detailed checklist and assessment of your event, get in touch with our Business Manager Gemma at

Transport & Accessible Parking

  • Are there public transport options nearby the venue, and are they accessible themselves (lifts, ramps, tactile surfaces)?
  • Do they have clear access to the venue? Is there suitable, and enough, accessible parking at the venue?
  • Are the kerbs sloped for access, is there under cover parking?

Building Access

  • Is the main entry wheelchair accessible?
  • Is there a hearing loop or tactile surfaces in the venue? Do the lifts have audio announcements?
  • Are the bathrooms and amenities accessible?
  • Are doors automatic or need to be pushed by hand?
  • Are floor surfaces level and low friction for ease of travel in a wheelchair?
  • Are there designated spaces for wheelchair uses in the session rooms? Are they in various areas within the room?
  • Is the lighting adequate and appropriate through-out the venue?
  • Are the emergency exits accessible and clear?


  • Have the staff undertaken disability awareness training?

Signage and Communications

  • Is all signage and communications clear and available in the required formats (Easy-English, text, braille, Auslan, online)
  • Does the signage include universal access symbols?
  • Is both email and phone offered for communications?


  • Is the pre-event registration accessible? Does it provide an online format accessible for screen readers or over the phone options
  • Does the registration form effectively and appropriately capture all access requirements?
  • Do the registration credentials suit the events access requirements?
  • Is the onsite registration system accessible? Is the desk height suitable, can it rely of various forms of communication with delegates?


  • Is the catering accessible for wheelchair users?
  • Is the food and beverage options and utensils suitable for people with reduced mobility and other impairments or disabilities?

Program Access

  • Is there a need for audio description of sessions or performances?
  • Is there a need for live captioning and Auslan or sign-language interpreters for sessions, performances and networking events?
  • Are there any sensory suitable sessions within the program?
  • Are there any sessions suitable for intellectual disabilities?

In addition to the listing above, Touchpoint can provide consulting in the following areas:

  • Publications & Delegate Materials
  • Website
  • Social Events
  • Budget Allowances
  • Recommended Suppliers
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