Name:             Directions – EventsAIR Training

Where:            Sydney, Australia

When:             July 2015

Directions, as a long standing EventsPro client, engaged Touchpoint to assist with the transition of their incentive programs and conferences to the EventsAIR platform.

Training At a Glance

  • Training delivered to 13 users
  • Over 15 modules explored over 2 full days
  • 3 Touchpoint trainers onsite at Direction’s office for face-to-face training


The Details

Touchpoint developed a three stage approach with the aim to identify potential road blocks and highlight the benefits of moving the organisation’s current business processes to EventsAIR.

  • A one day, in-depth workshop where operational and business processes were mapped out in relation to current EventsPro use and the flow of data throughout the organisation.
  • Two days of customised EventsAIR training designed to complete the end-to-end setup of a recent incentive program. Trainers delivered demonstrations for each EventsAIR module, followed by practical exercises that contributed the ‘build’ of attendees own ‘test’ databases. Via these exercises, attendees were provided ample time to explore the database, raise questions with the trainer and in some circumstances workshop solutions for their queries with the wider group
  • A 2-hour follow up session, 5 months post training. This session allowed for the now, more experienced users to raise ‘how to’ style questions and take a look at newly released functionality and how it may affect their previous use.
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