Onsite Check In

Our fast check-in services allow delegates to register quickly and easily. Automated onsite check-in and on-demand name badge printing reduces labour and wait times as well as increasing overall efficiency.

Registration Kiosks

Touchpoint’s bespoke all-in-one registration kiosks provide a streamlined check-in experience, ideal for contactless arrivals. Available with customised decal branding, these kiosks provide a premium aesthetic to your event with our robust name badge printing technology built-in.

Registration Stations

Our flexible registration stations are an ideal solution for any size event and provide a scalable offering that is ideal for custom-built desks, venue counters or trestle-table set-ups. With the option to be contactless or with keyboard and mouse for a user-friendly ‘new registration’ experience, they are adapted to your specific requirements.

QR Code Check In

Our onsite check-in solution is accompanied by a branded pre-event arrival communication, with personalised QR code for fast and efficient check-in. Our kiosks and stations are equipped with high-speed QR code scanners which allow for a ‘scan and print’ functionality, ensuring a secure and speedy badge print during peak arrivals. Our solution can also include a ‘name search’ for anyone who doesn’t have their code ready.

On-demand Badge Printing

Producing name badges onsite reduces labour costs, unnecessary wastage and ensures accuracy and efficiency during the onsite check-in process. By having badges printed on demand, you can accommodate new registrations at your event, with credentials being produced on-the-spot.

Custom Designed Badge Layout

We design your name badge based on your specific requirements, incorporating branding, demographic details and registration types. We can include sponsor artwork, registration category strips, dynamic session/function entitlements and icons.

Multiple Badge Styles

Touchpoint’s badges are available in two sizes, single or double-sided and can include a plastic pouch for greater durability across longer events. Our tried and tested paper stock is also available ‘pouchless’, with a non-tearable paper which lanyards can clip directly onto.

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