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Touchpoint are trusted by organisers and governments globally to provide event security through detailed accreditation planning & implementation.

Accreditation is critical to meet the strict security requirements of high-profile events. Whether you need invitation only attendance for VIP’s, photo identification credentials, international delegation management or incorporation of technology such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Near Field Communication (NFC), we can help.

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Create a robust and secure system

  • Capture and securely store personal information
  • Review information and approve or deny attendees for further accreditation stages
  • Produce reports for police, immigration and clearance checks
  • Produce accurate attendee reports for event planning
  • Produce personalised and secure correspondence
  • Produce data for secure credentials

Keep the event secure with access control

  • Set up different zones to align with attendee credentials
  • Manage pre-approved access
  • Restrict or grant delegate access to specific zones
  • Manage zones with access for specific attendee categories, including government ministers and officials, media, volunteers, staff etc.
  • Low-risk scale of visual identification of credentials to match the attendee
  • High-risk visual identification e.g. RFID embedded credentials, gateways at entry to all zones.

Produce credentials to meet security requirements

  • Branded name badges and lanyards with legible design details
  • Inclusion of photo identification, QR or barcodes, RFID chip embedded plastic cards and holograms as required
  • Durable materials to ensure they last for the entire event
  • Secure distribution processes for credential collection by delegations
Accreditation team onsite at CHOGM 2013 in Sri Lanka
Accreditation team onsite at ASEAN 2018
Accreditation pass development and distribution


ASEAN 2018

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