A large amount of event management is producing professional documents, whether they be for clients, speakers or attendees.

Often, event organisers don’t have all of the design files and programs to create these, so a lot of material is produced in programs like Mircrosoft Word. Matching your font, especially headings and key sentences, to the logo colours can transform your document into a more professional and stylish design.

The steps below outline how you can easily do this using the ‘Color Pic’ tool.

Matching the colour in your logo to your text
Step 1: Open your ColorPic program (if not already installed on your computer, you can download it here http://www.iconico.com/colorpic/).
Step 2: Use the curser to hover over the colour in your logo that you want to ‘pick’. The RGB (red, green, blue) fields in the window will populate with some numbers. Write these down.
Step 3: In your word document, highlight the text you want to colour match and select the font colour tool from the menu. Click on More Colours, then the Custom tab. In the Red, Green, Blue fields, enter the corresponding numbers that you wrote down earlier. This will then change your font to the same chosen colour as the logo.

TIP: You can use this tool to pick up any colour from an image you need, such as background colours, photos, sponsor logos to match signage etc. The ColorPic palette also provides you with the CMYK (for printing) and Hex # code (for websites) so you can get the correct colour on all materials.

Click on the images in the gallery below for larger support screen-shots.


Touchpoint stacked logo

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