Taking the time to provide your photographer with an accurate yet concise brief of the types of things you want/need to capture onsite, will provide greater results for the both of you.

Different clients want vastly different types of images from onsite. Your focus might be on capturing every speaker across a big program, whilst another client might need every exhibition stand and their staff photographed.

The below list is an example of a short brief you can provide to your photographer, to ensure they have a clear understanding of your needs.

  • Registration (delegates collecting badges, putting them on, talking to staff)
  • Opening ceremony (all speakers on stage, delegates in seats)
  • Keynote presentations (it might not be feasible to photograph all speakers so choose the most important ones)
  • Delegates in session (talking, looking at program, taking notes, clapping)
  • Signage around the venue (directional, sponsor signs, registration desk signs)
  • Exhibition (do you need to take a photo of every stand?)
  • Staff “in action” talking and working (in between sessions, registration, during catering breaks, at social events)
  • Catering breaks with delegates networking.

Do you have any other items you would include as a must in an event photographer brief? Let us know.

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